Relationship And Dating Career has become norm in our modern society and the world at large. WHY SECRET KILL RELATIONSHIPS? It has become normal for lies to be part in relational world and is destroying relationships and marriages. What can we do to adjust the situation? Deep secrets need not hinge on external events. Hopes and dreams that people don’t dare speak aloud are also secrets in relationships. Many times a self-assessment is someone’s deepest secret and is true. The assessment is lower than they let on, he explains, and their anxieties are higher than they let you know.

Ask Yourself Why!

Even undisclosed information, they can harm us and those around us call partners. We need to internally acknowledge our secrets to be true to ourselves, but they can make us feel inauthentic if they too deeply challenge our identity. We’ve evolved to learn to keep secrets, as children who must become independent adults and as adults who must navigate a complex society. We’ve also evolved to keep things from ourselves. The deepest secrets are the ones we don’t directly acknowledge even in our own diaries. The more a secret occupies your mind, the stronger its negative effect. And people are dying inside due to this thing.

I Have Always Been Faithful!

What I’ve come to realise is that, being vulnerable and honest about all aspects of your life is an act of COURAGE. Some people believe they need to keep secrets or lie to survive in a relationship. You are making big mistake.  They lack confidence in their ability to confront unpleasant topics, such as money troubles, or issues related to past or present errors in judgement or mistakes. However, finding healthy ways to honestly express yourself to your partner is the best way to build a trusting relationship that endures the test of time.

Be Yourself!

But is lying by omission or keeping a secret the same as betrayal? In my opinion, you want to consider how your partner would view your secret if they found out and you neglected to tell them about it. Also, if you feel guilty or uneasy about not disclosing information to them, it’s a red flag that you need to do so. Highlight all the hidden motive and agenda to avoid trouble in nearby future.

Never mind! Is happening!

Experts agree that TRUST can be easily broken and hard to repair. When your partner withholds important information from you regardless of their reasons, it’s normal to feel betrayed. For many people, any form of deceit can be a deal breaker. Secret kills relationship and it destroyed what you both had worked for so many years. In some occasions, lying or keeping a secret from your partner maybe good thing to do. Not all secret kills  relationship, but what it contained is the key problem. The truth hurt when spoken out loudly to you, but once you find out you can be able cope with it than the best dressed lie. Attend to your partner’s need and utilised time to care for him or her. I would encourage you all not keep secret from your partner, spouse etc unless or if necessary.

  Is well!

Thank you.

Larbi Pope Williams.🇬🇭


Infidelity Mood.

This is a personal question am asking you out there, I know. But when it comes to a person’s wellbeing, a relevant question is ask. Any assignment or work of overall mind would be incomplete without an inventory of personal relationships.

The most important relationship of course is the one you have with yourself. We are told many in many occasions that we should love ourselves before we can do a decent work by loving someone else.

Emotionally trauma

It can be a fair bit of work just dealing with that but doing it does make other relationships a whole lot easier.

And then there are our romantic relationships. As well as being a source of joy, these relationships can cause a sometimes brutally swift upwards of self development.

Infidelity is perceived as the ultimate relationship spoiler or create confusion on both parties. I experience infidelity act in my relationship and it was hard to kicked out of my life and relationship. Is very hard to work out infidelity in a relational world.

Sometimes, that’s as it should be. But not always. We all know of couples that have not only survived an affair, but have emerged from the ordeal stronger and more in love than before it happened.


But what factors predict the likelihood of a couple making it through following an affair, and actually experiencing emotional growth because of it. Better still perhaps, how can we stop our butts being cheated on in the first place?

There are multiple layers of cheating. It could literally mean anything we’ve done and thought,I can’t tell my partner about this and that. Sexing, Staying active on dating sites. Harmless flirting at the gym or office.

Being Left Out.

You might not consider some of those things as cheating. The point is, if you’re a human with a pulse, there’s most likely been at least one time in your relationship that you’ve felt the need to explore some type of external, stimulating experience outside of your committed relationship.That awareness is useful as it means we cant avoid or vulnerable states of relationship in the first place. Work hard to create happiness in your relationship, sometimes we cheat due to low level of happiness in our relationship. Our partners go out flirt with peoples who make them happy. No one love a boring relationship nor unhappy marriage. You need to set goals, make things right in your relationship. As I was discussing in my recent post What makes a boring relationship. Stay focus

Is Well!🇬🇭


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10 Inspirational Quotes From Larbi Pope Williams.


1. Everything you are seeing today, tomorrow and the rest of the future is bond to happen.

2. You can never win, Until you loose the first Sight.

3. Sometimes winning is easy, but how to search is the work.

4. Always take a step. Never give up. Try, Fail, Try More, Fail More. The rest is History.

5. Decisions are easy to make, but hard to implement.

6. Failing is not part of humanity conscience, but part of nature and reality of life. Just accept it.

7. Life is a teacher, the more we live, the more we learn.

8. You can never understand your through self, until you ask them for help.

9. Our company with others lies within our own perception not their positive or negative influence.

10. Love is easy to get along once there’s mutual trust and respect.

Larbi Pope Williams.( Relationship Therapist)

Emotion Is Not Love In A Relationship.

Being realistic is quite enormous in relational world. Well some ladies take emotion as love which is not so. 75% of ladies outside the world has this strange emotional feelings as love, but to be honest with you, is a big mistake and I doubt that act. Ladies should not take marriage or dating someone that leads to marriage as an emotion. Men or guys can play along with your feelings,heart and do all sort of things to make you feel like you are his whole world.

In state of Mind

It will be true that some men or guys outside there will be sincere with you and your feelings, thoughts and emotions. But some just come across to play you and “dump you” due to your irrational behaviour and act called “Emotion”. In this act, every human possessed emotion and without it probability of living in this unforsaken world will be risky. But each and everyone have different perception when it comes with our emotions and sentiments. You should not let your emotions be your weakest point. We should control our emotions in love and affection.

Ladies, make your own world; feel like you are big, make more findings and enquiries. Perhaps, do more background checks when going into a relationship. It does not mean you should over pampered by this kind act. In creation, you are the last born and you need make good use of your body. Don’t make your ” pussy” like hole for anything entering. Marriage itself is not a journey nor a competition, which you should be in hurry to enter.


You are so precious to be a lady, make good choice in life, destiny marriage is another sincere fact to consider in relational world. I do believe in destiny marriage. Not all relationships end in marriage nor destiny, but u can work hard with your consciences and imaginary thought to lead you to a successful marriage. Please be sincere and be vigilant when going to into relationship. Don’t let his emotion and feeling act makes you feel that he is the “chosen” one sent from abode to you. If you do that, you will be in a big mess and your entire life will be ruined. Ladies, please be careful and don’t let your emotional nature lure you into relationship that leads to a boring and unsuccessful marriage. Thank you.

How We Go Into A Relationship. Part 2 (2020 Update)

In our recent post of how we go into relationship, we talk more on basic principles and values. We will now emphasised more on the love we show or how individual being Feels when with his or her partner. In this edition two, we will talk more and get to know how important or the usefulness in relational world. It follows by,

Build Love

Two people may decide to form a relationship because of common interests. They may be studying the same subject or pursuing the same goals in life. They may give each other mental stimulation and satisfaction. They may have similar professional goals and work together, helping and complimenting each other. This could be in anything from their own perspective of mind and thought.

Always Imagine

A primary force in bringing people together in marriage is the subconscious or conscious desire to create and care for children. Through children we manifest our continuation. We offer to society human potential for the future. We also frequently seek to gain self affirmation through their achievements. In some cases, we may also hope they will support and protect us when age makes us less capable.


We are also attracted to someone because he or she embodies qualities which we admire or which supplement our personality. If we are overly emotional, we might be attracted to a person who is more subdued and rational. If the opposite, we might be attracted to a person who freely expresses his or her emotions. Another factor which some might feel has played a role in their coming together is that of fate or destiny. We may feel that we were supposed to be together. We feel Eros feelings of infatuation or of being in love. These strong feelings create in us a need to be with the other and to unite our lives. Thanks for reading.

Talk Out

11th Year Of Michael Jackson Death.

On June 25, 2009, American singer Michael Jackson died of acute propofol and benzodiazepine intoxication at his home on North Carolwood Drive in the Holmby Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles.

Michael Joseph Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s doctor made 17 flagrant violations when administering propofol to the star, an expert on the potent anaesthetic has told the court. Dr Steven Shafer said the drug should never be used to treat insomnia and Dr Conrad Murray’s negligence was directly responsible for Jackson’s death.

Dr. Conrad Murray. ( MJ Doctor)

Michael Joseph Jackson August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009 was an American singer, songwriter, and dancer. Dubbed the “King of Pop”, he is regarded as one of the most significant cultural figures of the 20th century and one of the greatest entertainers in the history of music.

Humanitarian Story.

Through stage and video performances, he popularised complicated dance techniques such as the moonwalk, to which he gave the name.

Afro Pop Artiste.

His sound and style have influenced artists of various genres, and his contributions to music, dance, and fashion, along with his publicised personal life, made him a global figure in popular culture for over four decades. Jackson is the most awarded artist in the history of popular music.

King Of Pop.

Michael was loved by his family and the rest of the world.

Jackson 5′

The world still remember him as one of a kind who put much effort and work in the music industry, perhaps Afro pops and hip pop music.

“We Love You Michael”


Michael Owusu Addo who is known professionally as Sarkodie Ghanaian rapper and entrepreneur from Tema. His contributions to the Ghanaian music industry have earned him numerous accolades, including the Vodafone Ghana Music Award for Artiste of the Decade . He was announced the first winner of BET’s Best International Flow act at the 2019 BET Hip Hop Awards. He is also considered one of the major proponents of the  genre and dance.


He set out to release a new book to his fans around the world.

The Highest.

About that time!! My first Book “The Highest” Will be out soon


Let’s all enjoy his pieces out there.


Engagement isn’t marriage don’t waste more time.


Don’t accept a guys engagement ring if its not coming with a marriage plan with stipulated time frame,it shows he’s not ready he just want to keep you as a result of his selfish interest. Why then accept to be engaged to a guy who isn’t fully ready and just because he present you with an engagement ring doesn’t mean he loves you to have done so if that ring isn’t coming with a time frame, some guys do it just to tie you down so they will be the only one to have access to your body at free will.


But unfortunately because marriage is all you wanted you will accept and be kept in bondage for as long as he’s not ready. Any guy who present you with an engagement ring should be ready for marriage in the shortest possible time and if he’s not doing so he’s equally not serious and remains a boyfriend, don’t tie your destiny to mere ring. Only unwise and gullible women get carried away by this act.

Be Ready.

When a guy engages you it means he’s ready to wed you, it shouldn’t be to keep you or prevent you from other guys. Don’t be a learner engaging you isn’t same thing as marriage. And if you have been engaged to a guy for over a year, both of you ain’t serious. Blessings

By Larbi Pope Williams



Relationship and dating have become norms in our modern societies and world at large. We sense that, relationship between two peoples are extremely valuable and most importantly acknowledge our perception and perseverance in it. The mystery behind every relationship and dating varies a lot according to humanitarian reasons.

Acknowledge The Facts.

Knowledge is power, but when it comes to relationships, power has no place. In a relationship, knowledge equals boredom. Whatever mystery there once was is now entirely gone and although you love the person, you begin to question whether or not you are still “in love” with them. Holding onto mystery is the key to keeping the romance alive in any relationship.

It is what keeps you interested and what will keep your partner interested in you. Mystery keeps you thinking about the person you are with and keeps you wanting to find out more about them; to be with them and to study them. This is what we do when we are in a relationship; we try to consume our partner and become one with them. The only way of doing so is to get to know them as best as possible. Unfortunately, once we achieve this, we lose interest and the drive to spend time with them. When there is no mystery, there is no excitement.

Find Out.

Whatever you did not know about the person; their morning routine, their bathroom routine, the way they look without makeup, the way they keep their apartment and all of those little quirks that are bound to get on your nerves, you are introduced to, and quickly. No matter how much you love the person, once you get bored with them, the relationship goes downhill. Even if you are smart enough to understand that what you are feeling has nothing to do with the care you have for that person, the spark that the two of you shared will have been dulled.

A healthy relationship requires excitement. It requires surprise. Human beings are creatures that have a need for progress, we need to feel as if things are moving forward and changing, growing. We have a fear of stagnancy and of getting stuck, feeling trapped. Most marriages fail because the romance between the husband and wife dies.

If you love the person that you are with and wish to continue feeling as if you need them to survive, then you cannot allow them to get too close to you. You cannot allow them to find out all there is to know about you. You must keep them guessing, keep them surprised and keep them wanting to know everything about you. That makes every relationship mystery.

Excite Your Energy.

We each believe that we want to get to know our lovers as best as possible, but if we were wiser, we would understand that what we want is the feeling of wanting to know everything about them. We don’t actually want the information, we want to remain hungry. It’s basically the law of supply and demand. The less information available, the more we feel that we want that information. The more information available, the less demand there is for that information and in this case, for that person. The more you eat, the less hungry you will be.

You have to come to understand what exactly it is out of a relationship. Sure, it may seem as if getting to know all there is about a person is fine because you will share many new experiences with each other and without, creating new stories to tell as the relationship develops. But keep in mind that if you are in it for the long run — as in, forever — then you will most definitely run out of things to say sooner or later.


Spirituality has become one thing in a relationship and dating lifestyle. There are forces around the globe, though we can describe or put much into it, but we believe and knows it connection with nature. Forces has lure and crumple our belief in a relationship. These mysteries and it’s way of life has staged many peoples from reaching their goals and ambition in life.

In other words, destiny has its way when it comes to relational world. Many out there falls into the right and bad relationship all because of some sort of prophecies and beliefs in destiny world. It doesn’t necessary means that’s not true; but once our conscience and mindset are on a particular person positively, we engage ourselves to it fully because love in relationship is FREE not hard as other means or say.

Build A Spiritual Commitment.